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Welcome to Bryan Blum's Blog for BIT 330. My topic will be the Investment Banking Industry. Over the past year, beginning with the sub-prime mortgage crisis, the investment banking industry has gone through a world of changes. Over the semester, I will be providing you with a background of the industry and update you with the many on-going events that will occur. Most importantly, I will provide you with the best information-retrieving tools to be able to follow the industry and all the news associated with it.

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BIT330 Blog Entries

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The Eternal Quest for Images 16 Dec 2008 15:02
I'll admit it. Like most people, I am "Google Image Loyal" when it comes to searching for images. Why shouldn't I be? It's fast, it's easy, it's well laid-out, and I can always find the picture I'm looking for. So when Professor Moore suggested alternative means of picture searching today in class, I was definitely skeptical. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," I thought.
YouTube Competes? 01 Dec 2008 15:11
I like to think that I have pretty good top-of-mind awareness regarding web tools for certain functions, especially after completing the most part of BIT330.
blog:New Ways to Search? 01 Dec 2008 02:00
“ ‘Other Search Sites’? You’ve got to be kidding me! There are more search sites than the hundreds we’ve already gone over? It never ends!” Those were my thoughts as I glanced at the schedule before last week’s “Other Search Sites” class. We’ve already covered news, information, pictures, videos, people, maps, and music. What is there left to search?
Thoughts On the Google Visit 30 Nov 2008 20:30
I’ll be completely honest here- as a senior student who is graduating in a few months and is in the home stretch of 16+ long years of class, it’s pretty difficult for me to pay attention and stay interested in class. Of course, I am talking about other classes, and not BIT330, which is always interesting.
In A World of Customization... 04 Nov 2008 20:57
In a world of custom everything - customized cars on "Pimp My Ride", custom t-shirts with any phrase you'd like, custom stir-frys at Mongolian BBQ, and even customized labels on bottled water - it makes sense that custom search engines would exist and be an increasingly popular tool for "search enthusiasts" and web-designers across the world wide web.

Ongoing IB News (View All)

Title Last edited
The Federal Reserve and its Plan for AIG 08 Dec 2008 04:04
Merrill Lynch's Sale to Bank of America 08 Dec 2008 04:03
Bailout of Fannie and Freddie 08 Dec 2008 04:02
Big Month of Job Cuts 07 Dec 2008 18:39
(12/1/2008 to 12/5/2008)
Citigroup Bailout 07 Dec 2008 18:27
Obama Has His Work Cut Out for Him 07 Dec 2008 18:18
Banking Bonuses Under Fire 07 Dec 2008 18:08
US Injects $250 Billion into Banks 07 Dec 2008 17:58
The Week from Hell in the Financial Markets 07 Dec 2008 17:28
(10/6/2008 to 10/10/2008)
Citi vs. Wells Fargo: The Battle for Wachovia 07 Dec 2008 17:26
Washington Mutual's Share to JP Morgan 07 Dec 2008 17:25
The Treasury's Bailout Plan 07 Dec 2008 17:19
The Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers 07 Dec 2008 17:17

IB Resources (View All)

Title Last edited
Directory-Based RSS Feed Search Tools 08 Dec 2008 06:31
The following is a review of the "Directory-Based RSS Feed Search Tools" resource:
Google Custom Search Engine 08 Dec 2008 06:30
The following is a review of the "Google Custom Search Engine" resource:
Google Scholar 08 Dec 2008 06:26
The following is a review of the "Google Scholar" resource:
RSS Feed Databases 08 Dec 2008 06:20
The following is a review of the "RSS Feed Databases" resource:
List of Useful Websites 08 Dec 2008 04:06
The following is a review of the "List of Useful Websites" resource:
Tag-Based Sites 08 Dec 2008 03:53
The following is a review of the "Tag-Based Sites" resources:
Podcast Search 08 Dec 2008 02:53
The following is a review of the "Podcast Searching" resource:
My Bloglines Blogroll 08 Dec 2008 02:15
The following is a review of my "Bloglines Blogroll" resource:
Finance Glossaries 08 Dec 2008 02:06
The following is a review of the "List of Finance Glossaries" resource:
Web Directories 07 Dec 2008 23:54
The following is a review of the "Web Directories" resource:

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