Web Directories

The following is a review of the "Web Directories" resource:

What is the name of the resource? "Web Directories"
How do you access it? Web directories are also very easy to access. Simply scroll to the bottom of this page, and choose a web directory.
When should you use it? Typically, web directories are used when you don't know exactly what you are searching for, and want to start broad and slowly narrow in on a certain topic. Since you are analyzing a specific industry, you know exactly what you are looking for, so it may not be very helpful. Also, I have already provided you with a list of what I felt were the most important websites, so I can't imagine you would need to use it very much.
What type of information does it provide? These directories ultimately provide you with websites and other web resources in a certain category.
How do you make it work? Start with a broad topic, and narrow in. For example, with Yahoo! Directory, your path would be "Business & Economy" —> "Finance" —> "Banking".
What grade do I give it? D
Why? Directories aren't very helpful, especially when you already know what industry you are following. I already provided a list of the best websites, so you would really have little need for a web directory.
List of Web Directories
Name of Website Link to Website
Yahoo! Directory http://dir.yahoo.com
Open Directory Project http://dmoz.org
Mahalo http://www.mahalo.com
Alltop http://www.alltop.com
Best of the Web http://www.botw.org
Starting Point http://www.stpt.com
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