Tag-Based Sites

The following is a review of the "Tag-Based Sites" resources:

What is the name of the resource? "Tag-Based Sites"
How do you access it? I have three favorite tag-based sites that I generally use while keeping up with the investment banking industry. I have listed the three sites in the table below.
When should you use it? You should not use these tag-based sites as your first resource in looking for industry-related news. Tag-based sites are useful for displaying the popularity of certain stories, based on the number of tags each story is given. Tag-based sites should be used when trying to gauge the popularity and magnitude of a certain news story.
What type of information does it provide? Tag-based sites provide you with various search results ranked by popularity, based upon the number of tags it received. In essence, it tells you what people are looking at and which stories and websites are most popular.
How do you make it work? Just like any other search engine, you type in your query and look for results.
What grade do I give it? C-
Why? I just don't find tag-based sites to be useful in a business-sense. They are great for personal use to find interesting stories, websites, games, etc. However, I have never found them to be as useful as other resources when trying to track a specific industry. I urge you to still check it out, however.
List of the Best Tag-Based Sites
Name of Website Link to Website
Digg http://www.digg.com
Furl http://www.furl.com
Delicious http://www.delicious.com
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