Directory-Based RSS Feed Search Tools

The following is a review of the "Directory-Based RSS Feed Search Tools" resource:

What is the name of the resource? "Directory-Based RSS Feed Search Tools"
How do you access it? There are many different searchable subject indexes of RSS feeds. These sites are not RSS readers - they are simply directories of different RSS feeds organized by category. I have compiled a list of RSS feed searchable indexes on the bottom of this page. If you would like to search for an RSS feed, simply click on one of the links below.
When should you use it? You should use one of the directory-based RSS feed search tools when searching for an RSS feed to add to your Blogroll. Since these sites are mostly directories, it would be most useful to use them when you aren't exactly sure what type of RSS feed you are looking for. I have already assembled a list of RSS feeds that I have been most helpful to me, and put them all in to my BlogRoll. However, you could use one of these RSS feed search tools if you wish to add to my list of RSS feeds.
What type of information does it provide? Directory-based RSS feed search sites allow you to search for RSS feeds through directory browsing. Ultimately, you will find a list of RSS feeds relevant to your search query.
How do you make it work? You mainly search for feeds by slowly narrowing down on a specific topic from broader topics in the directory. When you narrow down on to a feed that you like, just click the yellow "RSS" button, and add it to your BlogRoll!
What grade do I give it? C+
Why? Overall, RSS feeds are a great way of tracking information. However, this page only focuses on sites that are directories of RSS feeds. Since you are analyzing a specific industry, directories really aren't too helpful. These sites are helpful when unsure of your topic, but really wouldn't be too helpful to you. You are better off searching for RSS feeds in a regular RSS feed database, such as Technorati or Bloglines.
List of Directory-Based RSS Search Sites
Name of Website Link to Website
Yahoo! Directory RSS Feeds
RSS Network
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