RSS Feed Databases

The following is a review of the "RSS Feed Databases" resource:

What is the name of the resource? "RSS Feed Databases"
How do you access it? RSS Feed Databases are simply websites that you can visit. Below, there are links to a few popular searchable feed databases.
When should you use it? You should use RSS feed databases when searching for RSS feeds to add to your Blogroll. I have already assembled a list of RSS feeds that I have been most helpful to me, and put them all in to my BlogRoll. However, you could use one of these RSS feed databases if you wish to add to my list of RSS feeds.
What type of information does it provide? RSS feed databases are searched by keyword, and provide you with a list of RSS feeds that are relevant to your query.
How do you make it work? Go on to the site. Find the search box. Search a keyword relevant to the investment banking industry. View the list of results. Pick one that is relevant. Add it to your BlogRoll. It's that easy! For the investment banking industry, searches that have been successful for me have been "investment banking news", "finance", and "the economy".
What grade do I give it? B-
Why? Databases of RSS feeds are great. However, in the case of the investment banking industry, they may not be as helpful. In order to construct my BlogRoll, I found it easier to just visit the sites from my list of useful websites and find the orange RSS feed button to subscribe. Sources of investment banking and finance-related news are very popular and well-known, making it somewhat unnecessary to use an RSS feed database to search. Regardless, it can be helpful to you when covering this industry in order to find feeds to add to your BlogRoll.
List of Directory-Based RSS Search Sites
Name of Website Link to Website
BlogLines Search
Google Blog Search
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