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What is the name of the resource? "Podcast Searching"
How do you access it? I am recommending to you a few Podcast search sites which I found to have the most relevant search results. I have listed them in the table below. I will alsop provide links to 3 of my favorite banking-related podcasts.
When should you use it? Podcasts are just an alternate way of getting up-to-date industry news. You can search for your favorite podcast feeds and listen to them when they become available.
What type of information does it provide? Podcast search engines provide you with links to various podcast feeds.
How do you make it work? Search for a query related to the industry. For example, in VideoSurf, I searched for "the economy", and had plenty of podcasts and videos to choose from.
What grade do I give it? C
Why? Podcasts are great, since the audio aspect adds a whole new dimension of feeling and emotion that you can't get in reading a news article or a commentary piece. However, I have found that the podcast search outlets are weak in producing relevant results. I would just stick to reading articles and editorials - they are more up to date, can be reviewed faster, and are typically more relevant.
List of Podcast Search Sites
Name of Website Link to Website
Pod-O-Matic http://www.podomatic.com
Video Surf http://www.videosurf.com
Podcast Alley http://www.podcastalley.com
List of My Favorite Banking-Related Podcasts
Name of Website Link to Website
The Wall Street Journal Journal Report WSJ Podcast
Bloomberg on the Economy Bloomberg Podcast
Kiplinger's Podcasts Kiplinger's Podcasts
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