List of Useful Websites

The following is a review of the "List of Useful Websites" resource:

What is the name of the resource? "Regular Old List of Websites"
How do you access it? How do you access it? Very easily. You currently ARE accessing it. Just come straight to this page, scroll to the bottom, and click on whichever link you would like! Essentially, this is just a collection of websites that I have come across that I found to be helpful. That's it!
When should you use it? This list of useful websites is as basic as it gets. Searching for new information by individually clicking on each provided link will be an extremely inefficient way of staying updated. Individually clicking on each link and searching for new stories and information would take forever! Some of the more advanced resources ultimately trump this one in usefulness. Regardless, you should use this list of websites when you know the exact website you are looking to go to. This list can also be used to create other search tools, such as custom search engine and RSS feeds.
What type of information does it provide? It only provides the name of the website, a link to access it, and a quick description.
How do you make it work? Just click the link when you find a website you'd like to view.
What grade do I give it? C
Why? I know what you're thinking. "A list of the most useful websites, and Bryan gives it a "C"? I don't get it!" Well, it's not that this list isn't useful. It definitely is. However, there are so many other search tools that can search these websites, provide quick updates on them, and fully track them. This list is only a starting point into the world of web resources!
List of Useful Websites
Name of Website Link to Website Description among the top five most-trafficked financial sites on the Web. It is regarded as a premier site for news and financial information.
Yahoo! Finance free stock quotes, up to date news, portfolio management resources, international market data and message boards
Google Finance Google Finance offers a broad range of information about stocks, mutual funds, public and private companies.
NYTimes Dealbook DealBook is a financial news service reporting on mergers, acquisitions, venture capital and hedge funds and is produced by The New York Times. Business news and financial news by Core topics include business, technology, stock markets, personal finance, and lifestyle. American City Business Journals Inc. is the nation's largest publisher of metropolitan business newspapers Offers business news and financial market coverage updated throughout the day
Wall Street Journal Daily News, Business & Financial News Reports, World e News & the best Global Political Coverage Daily News, Business & Financial News Reports, World e News & the best Global Political Coverage Stock Market Quotes, Business News and Financial News from the leading provider, wholly-owned subsidiary of Dow Jones Money Morning is the leading source of investment research on the global markets Get the latest financial industry news covering all facets of the finance industry. Read the latest international business news & stock market news. Get updated company profiles, financial advice, global economy and technology news. The latest stock market news, information & headlines. Get up to date business news as well as stock market, financial & earnings news. A leader in UK banking news
Banking Business Review Banking news, information and research site
Thomson Financial Providing professionals in the deal making community with market news, quotes, and comprehensive reference data
American Banker Source of all US investment banking news
Finance News Pro Finance news and business news from Also get breaking news on economy, stock market, personal finance etc.
Structured Finance News Structured Finance News, the premier guide to the global securitization industry , provides comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the entire structured finance industry TheStreet provides up-to-the -minute stock quotes and market analysis
Leveraged Finance News Leveraged Finance News is the one source industry leaders trust to provide them with critical, behind-the-scenes analysis and insight on the investment banking industry
Finance EIN News Finance Industry Today. Stories you won't find elsewhere. A news service for personal finance professionals and analysts. Business and investment magazine and website offers news, analysis, and research Website bringing you news stories from the popular magazine The Financial Express - A complete Up-to-date source for business news, finance news, stock market news, economy news and business news Blog on the investment banking industry Blog on strategic thinking in financial services Daily coverage of the lifestyles and careers of investment bankers and financiers
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