Google Scholar

The following is a review of the "Google Scholar" resource:

What is the name of the resource? "Google Scholar"
How do you access it? It's easy. Just visit the site: Google Scholar
When should you use it? Google Scholar is essentially a database of academic papers. The investment banking industry is much more focused on on-going events than theory and industry background. Thus, you would only use Google Scholar when looking for background information about the banking industry to provide a backdrop for current events
What type of information does it provide? Again, Google Scholar provides you with non-current academic papers on the industry.
How do you make it work? Simply type a query into the search box. For example, search "investment banking". You get plenty of academic papers. Of course, your query would need to be more specific based upon what exactly you were looking for.
What grade do I give it? C-
Why? First, Google Scholar is a Beta product, and is not very complete. Second, it isn't really useful when studying the investment banking industry due to its current, up-to-date nature. However, it could be useful in certain situations.
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