Google Custom Search Engine

The following is a review of the "Google Custom Search Engine" resource:

What is the name of the resource? "Google Custom Search Engine"
How do you access it? You can access the custom search engine by either finding it at the bottom of the homepage or at the bottom of this page.
When should you use it? You should use the custom search engine when looking for news stories about a specific piece of information (ex: a certain firm, recent event, a specific banker, etc.)
What type of information does it provide? The custom search engine that I created searches all of the websites on my list of useful websites. Therefore, it will provide you with any query-related information from anywhere on those websites.
How do you make it work? Very easy. Just type your query in the search box! Doesn't get much easier than that.
What grade do I give it? A
Why? Google's custom search engine is great. It allows you to search the most relevant information sources to the investment banking industry, increasing the relevancy of your search results. While RSS feeds and my blogroll are great for scanning new information, Google Custom Search is ideal for searching for focused information when you know exactly what you are looking for.

Google Custom Search Engine:

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